Monday, April 15, 2013


You might remember, back in the early days of our India adventure, that I mentioned that the food here was much spicier than what we usually eat in NY. Robert and Zion loved it from the start, I quickly adapted, and Liel...not so much. She is super sensitive to spicy food. Super sensitive. I have a fair amount of sympathy for this, because I was the same way as a kid (my mom used to put ketchup in my burritos instead of salsa. And yes, I am embarrassed to be admitting this in a public forum), but I have still felt sad about all the delicious things she's missed out on while we've been here.

But! Last night!

We'd gone to Prakruthi for dosa, because holy crap, it is so hot that I can barely face cooking. And the fact that I'm still slogging along with my rice cooker kitchen is getting more and more frustrating and boring, but of course we're leaving so soon (16 days) that there's no point changing it up now. So anyway, I weighed my options (2km walk in 94 degree, 6pm heat? Or cook?) and off we went.

Now when you order dosa around here you always get a coconut based chutney on the side, and then depending on what type of dosa you ordred, you get another dipping sauce. Plain and masala dosa come with sambar, while onion and set dosas come with some kind of curry. My favorite dipping curries are the ones that feature turmeric and potatoes, and that's what we got last night.

And somehow, Robert managed to convince Liel to try some of the dipping curry. And even more amazingly, she liked it, and didn't find it too spicy! Of course it isn't spicy really at all, but Liel might have a bit of a stubborn streak (no idea where she got that from), and usually knows whether she will like something well in advance of actually trying it. And trying it had never yet, before last night, changed her mind.

Anyway, we sat there, all of us eating dosa dipped in deliciousness and talked about how lucky we are to have gotten to live in Bangalore for the past 5 months. It's a great town, and the entire experience, even the rice cooker, has been amazing.

It did cross my mind to wonder what Liel could have learned to eat, and enjoy, if we'd had another five months here. But I can be kind of greedy like that. It's kind of like If You Give a Mouse a Cookie...if you give a girl 5 months in India, she's going to ask for 5 more months...


Pusstat said...

It's hard to believe that you'll be back in just 16 days. What an experience this has been, and you've been sharing it with us so that we all have been there vicariously.

One thing I'm sure you will welcome with open arms - your stove, although the meals you've prepared with your rice cooker have sounded extremely yummy.

Anuradha said...

I am so glad that you've liked living in India and Bangalore so much! :) And sad that you have to leave so soon - I've enjoyed reading about your experiences! Any chance of meeting up before you leave? If you let me know your availability, I can check with the B'lore brigade on Ravelry if we can have a meet!