Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Do we have to go?

This is what Zion has been asking for the past two days. Up til then he was pretty gung-ho about returning to New York. He wanted to see his friends, cuddle his cat, play with his legos and run around in his yard. He wanted to meet his new baby cousin, and visit his great-grandmother.

And he still wants all of those things, but it hit him quite suddenly that those things would come at a price, and that the price was leaving India, with return uncertain.

Yesterday, as left Second Temple Road (we'd visited his favorite temple-- the Gangamma temple, and Liel's favorite-- the Nandi temple) he stopped and said, "I can't believe I might never see these beautiful temples again."

His experience is mirroring mine pretty exactly. I am excited to see my friends and family (and yes, our smash faced cat!). I'm excited to eat salad, and be in almost the same time zone as my mom (so much easier for quick phone calls). But the price is pretty damn high, and I'm sad.

Today we went to Malleswaram for the last time. We had our last auto ride. Even sadder, we had our last coffee with Tiju.

Tomorrow, we pack, and have our last meal at Prakruthi.

I will say this: Zion appears to come by his melodrama naturally ;) 


Kristofer Young said...

How rich can one family be?

Jo said...

Reading your post, makes me feel sad for you too! Sigh.
Ahh well... I like to try to look at situations in positive light. So, I'd say you've had a amazing education, and time well spent in India! Gratefulness comes to mind. I know you feel this way too.