Monday, April 8, 2013


The other day I measured Zion's head. Which is, you know, a perfectly ordinary, motherly thing to do. I'm sure my mom measured my head annually. Sure of it.


Anyway, I measured his head. It was 22", but that was a pretty meaningless number to me. I knew Zion had always had a pretty big head, but I wasn't even sure how big my own head was! So I continued on to logical move B and measured Robert's head.

And it was 22".

So in disbelief I measure Zion's head again. In case I'd fucked it up the first time.

It was 22".

"Oh my G-d", I blurted out. "Robert, Zion's head is as big as yours is!"

We marveled at that for about 2 seconds, and then had the kids put on their shoes so we could go to lunch.

Zion was hanging out with me while we waited for our food to be ready. We chatted about this and that (which is to say: he talked at me about his current book and/or game obsession), and then he hugged me. I patted his head and said something like, "You sure are getting big!"

"Yes", he said, looking pleased. "And it must be pretty embarrassing for Daddy that my head is already as big as his!"

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Joanne Young said...

I laughed at Zion's comment! It is rather amazing that Zion's head is as big as Robert's.