Saturday, April 19, 2008

Chest Freezer

A dream of mine came true today- or at least partly true. We have a chest freezer! We've both wanted one for several years...we have dreams of stocking it full of yummy fresh local summer produce (yes, I realize that clause could have used a comma or two) to enjoy in the winter. And today we got one! We drove out to CT (again...I've literally been to CT three times in my life, twice in the past month) and bought it from a family out there. They are new home owners and it came with their house. I'll never know why they didn't want it, but I'm delighted to give it a loving home. Can't wait to roam around the Hudson Valley picking fruit this summer...

And, lest you think fret about the energy we'll use keeping all that fruit frozen let me assure you that I have plans afoot. Plans which involve Robert building me a solar dehydrator. I've had these plans for years, too (literally since we lived in Santa Barbara!), and I'm thinking this may be my summer.

Food preservation, here I come!

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the main stitch upholstery said...

i have 3 refrigerators and a full upright freezer which i use all of. with 6 kids to feed and 3 adults, we go through the food and the more freezer room we have, the better. good luck with the solar dehydrator. i want solar panels on my roof, but it is like 12,000$ to get them set up and useable so that will have to wait.