Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Notes on the kids, garden, knitting

Yesterday the kids and I planted seeds in our "garden" (aka the 12"x 10' strip 0f dirt on the south side of our house). We planted red and green lettuce, arugala, and leeks. Zion planted the leeks and is quite possessive of them- they are his leeks, and he was in charge of watering them today. I hope we get a decent crop of seedlings!

I'm about 2/3'ds done with my first Hat for Akkol! I found out today that the founder of the group just today flew to Akkol to adopt her 4th child (and all of them were adopted as teenagers, I believe). She's taking 270 pairs of socks- one for every child in the orphanage. The goal for this coming winter is to knit nearly 800 pairs allowing the group to include another nearby orphanage.

This morning the kids were asking about the unfinished hat, and who it was for (they ask this about all my knitting projects). I explained and we talked about orphanages, the children who live in them, and how this particular orphanage was someplace very cold and so I was trying to help the children stay warm in the winter. Liel got a very concerned expression on her face and said, "Can we adopt them, mama?" I almost cried.

And this afternoon Zion and I sat down and typed out the ABCs. I had him find all the letters and he knew them all except for U, X, and Y. He's also starting to learn about the sounds letters make and when he wanted to spell a word starting with T today came up with 'tugboat' all on his own. Later he correctly identified B as the first letter in 'bunny' (OK, so he said D first, but even that was close, right?). So cool to see him learn!


Anonymous said...
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the main stitch upholstery said...

love the garden. my kids want one so badly, we have lots of roses, a couple of trees and lots and lots of potted plants, but no veggie garden. we are not home enough to get it started. one day.......... rachel sent the kids postcards last week and i was so proud when jule read most of his himself. rachels writing is tough too.

NedaAnn said...

Trinity is itching to start planting as well. We, however, only plant flowers because we don't have enough room for a vegetable garden. I'm jealous of yours. Liel is just so adorable and thoughtful - what a sweetie. Zion is growing up so fast, where has the time gone?

Stacie said...

love gardens and it is such a great thing for the kids to be a part of!

your knitting adventure is so great too!

Wait til he sits and reads to you, it is amazing!