Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Connecticut- closer than you think!

Robert and I are both from big states. Very big states. We both grew up knowing that we could drive for hours in any direction and still be in our state. I can't speak for Robert, but I find the smallness of states in the Northeast very difficult to wrap my head around. Take today, for instance. Robert wanted to go see the robot exhibit at the Bruce Museum, which is closing in a few weeks (the exhibit, not the museum!). The Bruce Museum is in Connecticut. We live in New York. How long do you think it took us to drive there? Anyone? Bueller? About 20 minutes. *shakes head*

The exhibit was cool and the kids loved it. There were robot building tables, exhibits with knobs to turn and buttons to push, and lots of old tin type robots, all from the same man's collection.

However, their favorite robot was almost certainly the robot horse. It had a carrot to 'eat', and a brush for its fur. The children made liberal use of both.

Afterwards we went across the street to a park with dinosaurs for riding!

PS- Liel is wearing a jacket made by my friend Megan at Home Spun Goods. This is her second year in the jacket, and I can attest that it is: 1. gorgeous 2. beautifully made and 3. adored by my little girl. Makes me kinda wish she made big person clothes!


BirdEtt said...

SO much fun! I think the horse would have been my favorite as well. A robot that eats carrots? Nope, nothing can compete with that.

NedaAnn said...

Looks like it was fun. How fun to be that close.

Tamara said...

That *is* an adorable jacket! Jenny today told me that the choir was taking a trip for choir competition, most likely by bus, for four days, and that it was out of state. I told her that unless she was going to Mexico there was little chance that trip was actually out of state. Twenty minutes - seriously???? Takes me longer to get across town. Lucky girl!

Skye said...

When I moved to Ohio after living in Texas and Colorado, we went to dinner one night in West Virginia. I was shocked.

Stacie said...

how fun!!!

love liel's jacket...very cute!