Monday, April 21, 2008

Faux wedding

Yesterday our good friend Mr. Faux got married. His wife, Kaori, is a completely lovely person and we couldn't be happier for them! We also had a kick ass time at their wedding and reception, so the good feelings are running high around here.

Our exciting day began with a quick car seat swap with Kenny and Giselle in the Bronx. They then took the kids back to our house for what proved to be a day of fun and games (trains, bug hunting, blowing bubbles on the deck). It was some good sibling love as they did a full day of babysitting- lunch, nap time, afternoon play, dinner and bedtime. We are ever so grateful!

After we made sure that Giselle turned right at Broadway and not left (there was no reason to think she'd turn left, we're just lame like that) Robert and I caught a 1 train down to Times Square, then transferred to the R up to the Upper East Side. The wedding was a Buddhist one and was held at the New York Zen Do.

Here are Mr. Faux and Kaori entering the room.

Next there was some candle lighting and quite a bit of chanting (the Heart Sutra), but they were too far away for us to get a good picture of (flash and all). Eventually they sat down and the Abbott guided them through some vows (mainly involving admitting and releasing bad misdeeds of the past, and promising to continue walking on the Buddhist path). They both read statements/vows to each other and then the Abbott spoke again, giving them advice (in both English and Japanese- their vows were in both languages as well) for a happy marriage.

Afterwards there was a group photograph, but after they had us all in the room the photographer realized she needed to get the pictures of the bride and groom with the Abbott first, as he had another engagement. While we waited we chatted with one of the monks. He asked if there would be a reception afterwards, and we said yes, at the Mandarin Hotel. His response was exactly like that of every other New Yorker. "Oh", he said, widening his eyes, "that's nice!"

Robert and I walked across Central Park to the reception. Here I am, posing in the springtime and showing off some of my fine hand knits (it was cool enough that I found my legwarmers very useful indeed!).

The reception was very nice, as predicted. I think it was the best wedding food either of us had ever had, barring our own wedding, catered by the fabulous Rachel, of course! We spent a happy hour or more chatting with Ethan, Amanda, Ferko and Kat, having cocktails and appetizers. My favorite appetizer was this fabulous shot glass filled with curry spiked coconut milk, tobiko (fish eggs) and a huge shrimp. It was awesome. I downed about 4 of those, and let me tell you, I wish I had one (or 6) right here right now! Dinner was also lovely, and we were seated with people we really enjoyed (including the above mentioned) and next to the band who were totally rockin' (a Brooklyn based bluegrass band called Nieces and Nephews). Here are Mr. Faux and Kaori- she'd changed to this awesome sparkley princess dress!

Here's Robert and me- you can see I'm now wearing the lace wrap I knitted for the wedding.

And here's Robert and Mr. Faux, in what is sure to be the best shot of the entire event.


the main stitch upholstery said...

your life is so full of adventure! the pictures are wonderful and kiori has beautiful breasts according to the "princess dress" which i suppose every bride should have. you look very happy and i am proud to say beautiful. robert is good for you.!

Stacie said...

awe, how great!!! the pictures are beautiful and you are right, the last one is a classic!