Friday, April 11, 2008

Spring, and dinner

We had acutal spring weather yesterday! It was gorgeous. Sunny, and 70 degrees. I felt like I was home! The kids and I went to the park with some friends and had a lovely time. Thankfully our friends shared food with us, as I was a bad mama and only had crackers and vitamin water with us!

Today was gray and 60. I know I should be grateful for 60, but what can I say? Yesterday spoiled me.

I've been on a Sichuan cooking kick since I last posted. We're having our 3rd Sichuanese dinner 4 days tonight: red braised beef, rice, and broccoli. I can't wait. Red braised beef is essentially a stew cooked with chicken stock, soy sauce, rice wine, brown sugar, ginger root, scallions and star anise. It's delicious. Zion wanted to make chocolate cake, but we didn't get around to it. Maybe tomorrow?