Friday, May 2, 2008


OK, so you all know how much I love and advocate for fresh, DIY food. I mean, I posted a while back about the ease of making your own pita bread, right? So here's my confession: I make pita bread, but I use a boxed mix for falafel. hangs head How embarrassing is that?!

Or at least I used to. For some reason when faced with dinner choices last night I decided to try making my own fresh falafel. I still have a couple boxes of my favorite mix, but didn't really feel like using them. So I read a couple falafel recipes and set some chick peas to soak. And kids, let me tell you: this is EASY. I'll admit it, making pita bread is more work than buying it. But making fresh falafel isn't any more work than using the boxed mix. All you need to do is soak chick peas (overnight, or do a quick soak which is what I did. I never plan ahead enough for an overnight soak!). Drain them, and put them in a food processor. Add fresh herbs (I used cilantro, parsley and green onions that grown unbidden in our yard), garlic, and salt. Grind it all up. That's it. And they are superfly tasty. Robert declared it the best falafel he'd ever had, and I have to agree. We're not true falafel aficionados, but we have been around the falafel block a few times, so take that as you will.

You really gotta try it, trust me.


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Rachel Main said...

yeah, and in a REAL pinch, you can even use canned chickpeas - though the soaked ones are a bit better.

I make falefel for my clients, and they all love it. Sometimes with the canned variety I need to add a bit of flour...