Tuesday, May 27, 2008


OK, first off, I am a semi-moron when it comes to sewing. I can mend things, thread my ancient machine and use it in a very basic capacity. And that's it. I don't like pinning, or pressing, can't cut in a straight line, have a difficult time sewing a straight line and trouble visualizing what I'm doing or need to do. All of which is meant to explain why it took me 3 hours the other night to turn a pair of Robert's old jeans into a skirt for me. I'm sure someone like Becka could do it in about 15 minutes, but there I was staring at the cut up denim with my mouth open like a slack-jawed yokel, and wondering why Becka doesn't live closer to me (you know, so she can sew my clothes in her spare time!).

Upside: I did create a functional piece of clothing! I was scared to try it on my old jeans (cause they do fit me, if not overly well), but luckily R had a pair with a hole in the butt he let me use as my guinea pig. Actually, I haven't mended the hole yet, and I wore them all over Manhattan yesterday. Hmm. Good thing it's small!

Someday I may actually take pictures of this skirt (I'm wearing it right now), and I may even make a second one when I'm feeling brave again.


the main stitch upholstery said...

i am proud of you for making a skirt and yes 3 hours is crazy long, but i can't knit or make cheese so more power to you!

me said...

bravo Jovs!! I can certainly relate to the not knowing how to sew. I am impressed that you gave it a go, AND it came out so well.

Stacie said...

wooohoo...I want to see a picture!!!