Monday, May 26, 2008

A Happy Monday in Manhattan

My friend Pete was in town this weekend for his annual drinking and bowling binge with his high school buddies. Today was allotted as my day with him (he lives in Miami), so bright and early this morning we all headed to Manhattan. Robert and the kids got off the train at Central Park and I went on to pick Pete up and get him fed and caffeinated. Then we walked to the park and met up with Robert and the kids. We headed to the Lower East Side for Vietnamese lunch, and then on to Il Laboratorio del Gelato (best. gelato. ever.). Pete got green apple sorbet and milk chocolate gelato and we got toasted coconut gelato, lime-mint sorbet and olive oil gelato. Yep- olive oil gelato. It rocked my world. In fact, it rocked it so hard I think I'm still feeling the aftershocks. That was one delicious ice cream.

The kids wanted to play so we walked to their favorite LES park. When we got there we discovered a bike polo tournament in progress! It was a gorgeous day, perfect weather, and we just hung out and watched them play for over an hour. Here are me and Pete, Zion, and assorted shots of bike polo players.

There were teams from NY, DC, Boston, Richmond and Ottawa playing (probably more, but those are the only ones we saw play. We wouldn't have even known that, but a guy from one of the Boston teams was standing next to us an filled us in a bit on game play and how the tournament was going). Zion enjoyed picking a team for each game (they lasted 8 minutes or until one team scored 5 points, whichever came first) and shouting "Gooooaaaaallll!" with his hands up in the air when they scored.

Eventually the kids tired out and Pete had a plane to catch so we had to say good bye. Liel fell asleep in the mei tai on the train- possibly the last time she'll ever sleep in a mei tai given her age, increased walking, and size. It was very bittersweet for me, and I loved up every second of it. A beautiful way to end a lovely day :)


the main stitch upholstery said...

okay, liel in the mei tai is too cute and i so miss that. there is nothing greater than your babies sound asleep on you. owen and jule still fall asleep with me but only on the couch or in bed and only if they miss me or are worried if i am sick or they are sick. owen had beary sleep by me all night (his most beloved stuffed animal) when i felt icky last friday. every time i moved, owen made sure beary was there also. next subject-- bike polo. WHAT? that is super cool and it is nice to hear about some different events going on. and finally----- WHAT THE HELL IS OLIVE OIL GELATO? must go further into detail with that one. sounds terribly bad and horrible. what was the texture like and specifically the taste? i love olive oil, a lot, but must say i am thinking that is a bit of a push. happy monday night to you.

njt said...

Oh Jovs, I am tearing up over the mei tai picture. So beautiful. We had a TOTALLY rainy day here. Wish we were you guys in the park.

Anna-borderline-bonkers-banana :) said...

What an awesome day! I have never heard of bike polo, what a hoot!
The mei tai photo, love it!

Stacie said...

what a wonderful day you all had! Love the Mei Tai picture!!!