Monday, September 8, 2008

Also, visitors!

Septemeber is a visitory month for us. Cody arrived on Thursday for a quick visit and thrilled (and slightly embarrassed- at least, I was slightly embarrassed!) us by playing with the kids in the morning while we slept, blissfully unaware. If that's not some serious love, I don't know what is! The kids had lots of fun with him, too, especially Zion who enjoyed pretending to fight, chop and otherwise main and bang Cody. In fact, Zion liked Cody so well that he temporarily abandoned his "Daddy should always win" attitude about Scrabble and cheered and "helped" Uncle Cody during Robert and Cody's one game (a game they sadly had to end prematurely, since the kid's preschool needed some help in a kind of "right now" way).

My mom and aunt are on their way to my house right now! Or at least my state. I believe they are somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean, more or less. They've spent the past 3 weeks in Turkey and London (mostly Turkey) and are stopping off here for a quick visit before heading home. Last night I got a rather surprising series of emails from my mom saying, "we're coming tomorrow, hope you don't think we're coming Tuesday! Here's our flight number, we'll call when we get our bags. Won't be able to check email again, see you tomorrow!". I was deeply confused since the airline itinerary my mom had sent me several weeks earlier had in fact said they were coming Tuesday. I called the airline and they confirmed that Mom was actually coming today...still no idea why or when that was changed, but VERY glad she sent the email! They'll be here late tonight if all goes well.

And next week our friend Kelly and her fiance are coming for a visit! We are so popular this month :D


Stacie said...

LOTS of visitors!!! YAY!

the main stitch upholstery said...

turkey! wow. what a great trip your mom must be having. have fun with all of the visitors.