Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Little ears

Liel and I were reading stories on the couch a few minutes ago. We finished our book and she climbed onto the back of the couch. She made an unhappy face at the toys Zion had piled there, picked one up, and hefted it experimentally.

"Throw shit!", she shouted, launching it into the living room.

PS sorry for the sparseness of posts lately. Things at our house have been Crazy. Both kids are now attending our parent run, co-op nursery school and we are on the board of the school. Plus work (and we are both teaching new classes this semester), house, cooking, shopping, knitting, and visitors (see below). I expect I'll catch up with my tail one of these days and get back to regular blogging!


BirdEtt said...

Wow! Kids are SO exciting. Always something hilarious yours are up to.

Stacie said...

whoa she is a ball of it!