Thursday, September 18, 2008

Can't stop laughing

So, my friend Stacie linked me up to a new-to-me blog today- Dad gone Mad. She knew I'd appreciate his post from last week about the Beastie Boys, kids, and life lessons, and I did. I liked it so much that I went to see what he'd written this week and almost peed my pants laughing at this post. Seriously- I could. not. stop. laughing. I still can't. I'm laughing while I type!

There was one rather disappointing bit, however. A comment left on the blog indicated the existence of a book about carpet beetles and such, titled Who Munches Carpet? And again, I couldn't stop laughing. I came here to blog about it to y'all and made the sad discovery that no such book appears to exist. Oh, the disappointment! My best guess is that the commenter meant this book, which is about the weird things animals eat, and which includes a section (perhaps- hopefully!) with the carpet munching title.

I'm feelin' great after my laugh, hope you are, too!

Oh, and guess what else?? My darling husband disassembled the toilet for me today in order to clean all pee (*cough*Zion*cough*) out of the hinges. Bathroom doesn't smell like a subway station! AND he did it even though he had actual paid work that needed doing. I swooned a little when I got home. Who knew that cleaning a preschooler's pee out of toilet hinges could take on semi-romantic overtones?? Man, no wonder teenagers think adults are kind of lame and out of touch. I mean, imagine your teenage self and whoever you had a crush on at the time. Would TeenageYou have gone all weak in the knees if Crush had cleaned your toilet? No. TeenageYou would have been mortified (or at least confused), and probably rightly so. After all, "I cleaned your toilet" doesn't exactly have "Dangerous" and "Wants to sweep me off my feet" written all over least not until you're the parent of a small child with bad aim.


skyeball said...

What a guy, that Robert...

As for that getting old thing, last night G & I went to a Vampire Weekend concert at the Wiltern. I desperately wanted to plug my ears through the two (not so great) opening acts. Or go home and go to sleep. We were both struggling to stay awake. They had these text messages scrolling across a drop-down screen above the stage. When one scooted by that said "It's bedtime -- I'm old," I actually chuckled. I don't think I've ever chuckled in my life.

Luckily I can report that Vampire Weekend itself was most excellent live. And humbling too: the band members just graduated from college & now they're doing a nationwide tour. Sheesh.

Stacie said...

ROFLMAO...that is a good one too. Glad you enjoyed it.