Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Apple picking

It's fall here in New York. I can't believe the good weather we've had this year: cool summer, gorgeous sunny fall...I hope we aren't in for an extra long winter to make up for it!

Yesterday the kids and I went apple picking with Zion's class at a local farm.

After the farm we went to a classmate's grandparents house to learn about worms, compost, and bees. Here's Zion leaning in to see worm casings.

His friend has his own bee-keeper suit. Cutest. thing. ever. And he really helps, too!

Then the kids did circle time with their teachers and we all headed home. Liel was very tired!


BirdEtt said...

Circle time sounds great. I wish we had circle time at work. And that little bee costume is adorable... last minute halloween costume if need be. Lastly, this coop school things is WONDERFUL! I'm totally going to be doing that when we have a little thing much much later.

Stacie said...

so sweet!

Lisa said...

Hi Jovi~ Thanks for your comment. We are home and doing great! I really appreciate the encouragement. Lisa

the main stitch upholstery said...

love the outing. what a great field trip. the beekeeping is neat. i remember the southwicks bees in fillmore, it is so rare to see these kinds of things anymore. i think the oppurtunities you guys are giving your kids are wonderful.