Sunday, October 12, 2008

Goodnight, sweet prince

Brian and Ysette came over today for one of our regular wine events (today's wine was Pinot Noir. We had one from Germany and one from California and they were both delicious!). At first Liel was very cautious around both of them, probably because she's a bit sick and hasn't seen them in a few months. Later she cheered up and ran around playing football and other games with Brian (and Robert and Zion) in the backyard. When they left she even gave Uncle Brian a hug goodbye. I was so pleased that I told Robert about it as we turned off the porch light.

"Liel even gave Brian a hug goodbye!", I said.

Robert smiled at Liel. "Did you?", he asked. "That's nice, sweetheart".

Liel beamed. "Huh, I did!", she confirmed. "And then I picked my nose".

It's all true, I'm afraid.


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Jo said...

that is funny!

Kristofer Young, DC said...

Why was Liel feeling cautious around the CA and German Pinot Noirs? By now she should be comfortable with wines from all parts of the world.
:) Dad - was a teacher