Sunday, October 5, 2008

Not exactly a born salesman

Yesterday our across the street neighbors had a yard sale. This morning they put some unsold stuff on their curb for the garbage man to pick up. When Zion and Robert were outside they spotted a plastic toy sword among the cast offs and Zion has been playing with it all morning. He did tell me it was for him AND Liel, but so far he's seeing all the play (though Liel hasn't really shown much interest in playing with it at this point anyway).

We thought about going to Target today (these things really do become related later on, just wait), to get a refill on my meds and possibly to buy Spore. But the pharmacy didn't open until 11am and who wants to go to Target at noon on a Sunday? Yeah, not me, either.

Now it's nap time/quiet time, and Zion just came bouncing into our room. "Daddy!", he cried, "I just thought of something! We forgot to go to Target!"

"We didn't forget", Robert said. "Mommy thought it wouldn't be a good time to go to Target, so we're going to go another day".

Zion stood on the bed and stared at him, trying to digest this. Then he turned and stared out the window for a moment before speaking, apparently in mid thought. "...because we already got one of their pieces of shit", he said. Robert and I looked at each other in confusion as Zion continued, "They put a bunch of their shit out that they didn't want anymore and we got some of it."

I suddenly realized he was looking across the street at our neighbor's house- you know, the ones who had the yard sale yesterday, and who put the treasured sword out in the trash this morning. I nodded over at their house to Robert and mouthed "Sword". We both fought the good fight to keep a straight face, but ultimately lost. Luckily Zion was oblivious to our giggles and he continued to hold forth on yesterday's yard sale. "Yes, they put those pumpkins (Halloween decorations) out in front of the tables so that could trick people to come over and see what they were selling. They put them there to trick people, and then the people would come over and buy their shit. Where is a World of Warcraft book that I can look at?"

Just don't call it shit, kid, and you'll have the market cornered!


Stacie said...


skyeball said...

Why does every post where Zion swears make me giggle? Because every single one does. (Sorry, Jo!)

Rachel said...

Children swearing is always funny.

the main stitch upholstery said...

that is hilarious. did he think of the misleading pumpkins himself, or did he overhear that from you guys? good stuff.