Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Hanging in there

Still here, more or less. Things have NOT slowed down for us. Our stream of visitors continues, works piles up, kids are...well, you know. Always there. Usually needing or wanting things. Being cute as hell, but taking up all the time in the world plus a few hours and leaving very little for anything else.

Robert's dad and his wife left this morning after a 3 1/2 day visit. Robert leaves at the crack of dawn Saturday for our annual professional conference (it's in Chicago this year), and I'll have the kids on my own for 3 days. He gets back on Monday, and my grandmother arrives on Tuesday. Next Friday is Liel's birthday and next Saturday we'll go down to Brooklyn to celebrate with Kenn and Giselle (and drop my grandmother off for a quick visit with them before she flies home).

I've finally (mostly) recovered from the horrible illness. At the height of it Zion accidentally whacked the crap out of my tooth with his head, giving me a tooth concussion which = my tooth still hurts a week later. Robert's cousin Eryn, who is in dental school tells me I should try not to use it and let the ligaments rest. Good advice, I'm sure, but I've managed to totally forget it until after I've torn off a huge hunk of french bread with my teeth and it starts hurting again. Maybe tomorrow will be my day!

We went thru the usual flip flops in terms of a Halloween costume for Zion this year. In the end he decided he'd like to be a ghost and I finally bought a white sheet for him yesterday. I cut out eyes, shortened it so he wouldn't trip and had a very happy boy. Today he is at a Halloween party dressed as...a ghost? No. Not a ghost. Dressed as some kind of Japanese style gangster in a double breasted suit with a sword. He looks awesome. Becka, it's the suit you sent! He loves it, and looks super sharp. I'll try to take a picture when he comes home.

We've had some beautiful fall weather so I'll leave you with some pictures from our walk to the park a couple days ago and a very weak promise to try to blog more!

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