Friday, November 30, 2012

Last day in New York (for a while)

It's here- our last full day in New York. In case you've ever wondered how you might spend your last day at home before embarking on a 5 month sojourn in another country, allow me to dazzle you with the details of my exciting day!

First of all I woke up early, started thinking about all that I needed to do, and could not get back to sleep. Then, just when I started feeling a bit peckish and wondering what I would have for breakfast I realized I had not taken my thyroid meds, and thus could not have breakfast yet. Sadness.

Well, that's brought you up to the present moment. I'm hungry and in need of tea! But here's what's on tap for the rest of the day.

Shower. Laundry. Sew up my favorite pillowcase, which has developed a tear. Change the sheets. Call the village water department. Run to friend's house to pick up her leftover rupees (India does not allow the import or export of currency, so we can't actually change money until we get there. The university is sending 2 cars to pick us up, and gave us a number to call if anything went wrong. But: no phone + no rupees = how on earth can we call?? So dear friend is helping us out). Pack. Charge all electronic devices. More laundry. Have various friends and children over to say goodbye.  Try to pawn our aloe plant off on one of said friends. Make dinner, wash dishes. Play video games. Collapse into bed.

PS Fear I have made totally the wrong decision about what yarn to bring. Realized the cardigan I'm planning requires a solid colored yarn, not the slightly variegated one I've packed. This throws the entire plan into disarray! I mean, I have a solid colored yard I could bring instead, but what if that changes the colors of shawls I want to knit? Or what if I shouldn't be trying to design my most ambitious sweater yet while traveling? Maybe I should just stick with what I've packed. But the cardigan yarn I packed won't work for my plan, etc, etc, etc. The yarn, she is a cruel mistress.


CoffeeInspired said...

Yarn is a very tough mistress, think you have it all set and then she gets rough. Still you can taker her!!!


Alissa said...

Can your friends mail you some yarn if you need more? If so, I'd love to. :)