Saturday, November 24, 2012

Packing, part 1

I'm not sure how many parts will be in this series, but I'm sure I'll need to post about packing more than once before we leave!

I finally started packing today. I haven't been avoiding it, it's just that we use the things we're going to take with us...and so we can't pack them. But today I started bringing things downstairs. I have extra conditioner and gel, because even though I understand that I can buy hair care products in Bangalore, I also understand that my curly hair is picky as hell and that I'm vain enough to want to give it what it likes. Plus I won't be bringing those things back home, so more suitcase space/weight then! Clearly a win.

There are bags of vitamins and probiotics, a small bag of nail polish for me and Liel, a gifts for people in Bangalore, and a stack of extra pillowcases. We decided to bring our own pillows, since a good pillow can really make or break a night's sleep. I'm bringing two cases for each pillow, so that we can have one to put on while the other is in the wash. I'm going to let each kid bring one of their lightweight blankets too, mostly as a comfort item. They both love curling up in their blankets on the couch, and I think it will please them to have them in India.

It occurred to me a couple of days ago that tile floors + no heat + temps in the high 50s at night = cold feet. I had knitted and felted Zion a pair of slippers a couple months ago, so I just made one for Liel too. Haven't felted them yet, I'm hoping to knock out a pair for me as well. My Ugg boots will be too bulky. So that's still on the to-do list. I also need to pack some colored pencils and crayons and markers for Liel, just to hold her over until I can buy more there. I put a couple of free travel books (narratives, not guides) on my kindle, still need to find a few more for each kid.

Then I spent an hour or more staring at my yarn, my Ravelry queue and back at my yarn. I can't bring it all, and it's really hard figuring out what I might want to knit in the future! Yarn selection in India will be limited, though I bet I can beg some friends to mail me things if I get really desperate.

And finally there's shoes. Shoes will be difficult for me to find in India, what with my big American feet! And unlike yarn, they're heavy. So I need to make sure that I bring shoes that are cute, comfortable, and wearable in at least two different seasons. I've decided to wear my beloved Birkenstock Bostons on the plane, as they're ridiculously comfortable, will keep my feet warm, and are easy to take on/off. I've had these shoes for 14 years, have resoled them at least twice and the cork is finally starting to crumble. So sad. In the meantime, I found a pair of Birkenstock Gizeh sandals on crazy sale and after much hemming and hawing over color finally ordered these:

They should arrive on Tuesday. Hopefully they will be as excellent for tromping around the world as my Bostons have been! And more suited to the weather in South India too ;)

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