Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The first of the lasts

Today I went to Trader Joe's for the last time before we leave the country. It was kind of sad actually. We've been going to the TJ's since we moved here and some of the employees actually know us. When I told my favorite one that at wouldn't be back for 5-6 months she looked shocked, and then spent 2-3 minutes saying nice things such as, "what a wonderful opportunity! Have a great trip! We'll miss you! Please give your husband and son my best wishes too!". *sniffle*

Speaking of sniffles, I'm a bit sicker today than yesterday. I won't bore you with the details of my health, but it is preventing me from making some phone calls I need to make, since I have almost no voice. Hopefully it will return soon. Zion seems much cheerfuller than yesterday (though he is coughing more) so with a bit of luck that means that he, at least, is on the mend. After being reminded to do so by our pediatrician at Liel's 7 year check up yesterday, I bought a truckload of probiotics (and other vitamins) take with us to India today. And I think I'll make chicken soup again for dinner tonight, if the kids don't protest too much. They're generally outstanding about eating whatever I make, but I know that I don't like eating the same thing too frequently, and we had chicken soup on Saturday. But I think it's the best thing for me right now (along with the large salads I'm consuming daily), and it's pretty easy so there.

One of my pre-leaving tasks is writing up our quarterly reports for the school district. Those are actually due this week, so I have to get on them. I wrote 2/3's of Zion's last night before my brain refused to go any further.

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