Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Preparatory knitting

Right now I'm doing something I wouldn't normally associate with getting read to go live in south India for a while.

I'm making slippers.

See, it occurred to me a few days ago that the floors in our apartment will almost certainly be tile. Winter temps in Bangalore can dip into the high 50s at night, and there's no heating. This = cold apartment in the morning and night, and even colder floors!

Luckily I'd made Zion a pair of knitted/felted slippers a couple of months ago, so he was all set.

Pretty cute, right? It was a dead simple (and fast) pattern, so I decided to make Liel a pair of the same. But she didn't want the cuffs on them. Instead, she wanted buttons for decoration. And she wanted one slipper to be gold and the other to be green. The different yarns I used felted somewhat differently, but she's happy with them (and honestly, she'll only use them for a month or two before it becomes quite hot!) so I'm happy too.

Yes, those are bat buttons. I'm so proud of myself for buying those when I saw them a couple of years ago!

Now I'm working on a pair for me. I'm running out of feltable yarn, so mine are going to be mismatched as well. But they'll be light, warm, and take up very little suitcase space, so I love them already!

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