Saturday, February 7, 2009

How bizarre

I thought you all loved me. *Sniffle* and now no one except Val (who clearly DOES love me...kisses to Val!) is playing my game? *sigh*

OK, got that out of my system :) Sorry I forgot to post another entry yesterday! It was a day full of small business. First off it was our turn in Zion's classroom, as I bitched about on Thursday. It was really fun being in his classroom (it always is) but it eats up the entire morning, yk? Then I had to run to Target for my meds, which I narrowly managed to get since it turns out that the entire pharmacy shuts down for lunch. Who knew?? By then it was 2pm and my fundamental laziness kicked in. So we decided to go to the new burger joint in town (the Nyack Burger Hop! Such a nostalgic name! LOL) for dinner. It was good...but slow. But, it's new, so I imagine and hope it will speed up. Also annoying: no pickles. Who gives me burgers with no pickles (and, I was told there would be pickles! Feeling a little like Milton now... :P)?? Of course, they would've paled compared to Erica's so I probably shouldn't complain.

All of this reminds me: I need to order meat from Alan! Oh Alan, how we love you and your tasty, tasty cows....


Stacie said...

sorry jovi, no love lost, I just can hear the songs in my head, but can't place the group or titles or anything.

you rule, though, you seriously do.

robert said...

omc, "how bizarre"

BirdEtt said...

Cruisin down the freeway in the hot hot sun.
'How Bizarre' by OMC.
I love that video:)

Sara said...

How Bizarre... I don't know who sings it.
Your trivia is usually over my head :) But, if I do know something, I'll be posting :)

the main stitch upholstery said...

omc how bizzare