Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Isn't it pretty to think so?

Good morning! Today's clue (hopefully today's FIRST clue, but I'm learning not to make these kinds of promises) is in the post title BUT! I have a hint for you: this is from a BOOK, not a song.

Last night was the monthly board meeting for the nursery school co-op to which we belong. I'm feeling fretful about the board next year as 7 of the 10 board members will be leaving. And thus far no one has stepped up to replace them! I mean, I know we have some months yet, but geez. Nerve wracking. I seem to be more anxious about this than anyone else, so hopefully their zen is correct (and will rub off on me). In the meantime I suppose I should start accosting other parents in the halls and insisting that they tell me which position I can count on them to fill. After all, some of the positions are more labor intensive than others! Yup. This sounds like a good strategy to me.

After Zion is done with school today we're going out to buy Valentine making supplies. And yes, I realize we are rather behind on this, especially since we have so much far-flung family who surely deserve Valentines. And they will get them, just several days after the holiday has past. I like to think that will make my children's creations all the more special, cause I'm good at finding the positive spin like that.


BirdEtt said...

I don't know the quote.

Post pictures when they finish their Valentines creations. I love it when kids make festive knick knacks.

BirdEtt said...

i'm researching images for rachel's marketing materials. i came across this yarn. it's amazing and i thought you might like. http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=5245934&section_id=5456420

BirdEtt said...
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Abby said...

I'm really bad at this game...I don't know any of the answers...yet they all seem so familiar!! Hope you guys are doing well! I want to see Valentine's too! :)

Deirdre said...

I don't know ... I was watching (the really bad, should have never been made) movie of House of Mirth the other day with Gillian Anderson and I'm going to go with something Lily Bart would say, something Edith Wharton wrote. You know ... in her despairing about it all, Lily Bart might reflect (SPOILER ALERT .......)

just before she drinks the ether to kill herself, you know, does she reflect upon the potential beauty of it all?

I'm totally pulling this out of my ass, can't you tell?