Sunday, February 15, 2009

Just me and my horsie and a quart of beer

Yesterday's was tricksy, no? Most of you know the's by the Counting Crows. Yesterday's- not today's, lol. Today's I made easier ;)

Since yesterday I've finished the Twilight series (unless she publishes more of course. And I expect she will). I read #4 today and all you FB users will have to forgive my bragging again, but I read it at 125 pages an hour! That's fast, even for me. I thought I averaged about 100 pages an hour. Now I'll want to keep better track. Cause I'm a dork like that.

Anyway, I don't want to say too much about Twilight since I know some of you have read any/all but are planning to. So there. I am glad to have that crack out of my hair tho ;) Now I can go back to my normal addictions, like spinning and knitting. So much more productive! I have a thing at the end, instead of a headful of someone else's stories :P

Oh and wanna hear something else odd? Zion appears to have independently invented the idea of a cloaking device for spaceships. We've never read or shown him anything with this idea in it and he suggested it to Robert today. Kinda dorky, but cool.


the main stitch upholstery said...

i have one chapter left of #4. you should brag being able to read that fast. i read a little over 500 pages yesterday and i thought i was cool. i can't be good at everything so i bow to you queen of the fast read. the books make me want to have vampire stregnth. i would love to run that fast. i dream of flying (its my personal super power in my dreams) and running that fast would be rad too. anyway, the love story part annoyed the hell out of me, but i loved the storyline.

Stacie said...

ha I know this one...

Paul Revere - Beastie Boys...right?? :)

BirdEtt said...

i don't know the song. but i want to.

hmm... i'll have to buy this vampire series you two seem to be so into. i read the historian a few years ago (b/c it was about vlad tepes) but i felt like the story was giving me deja vu each time i tried to get back into it... 'wait, didn't they already go through this temptation and nearly fatal error like 50 pages ago?'.
i simply got bored. i think i'll like the vampire teeth, tragic love, running fast, and blood thirst of the twilight series.

skyeball said...

This one's by Beastie Boys.

Most memorable line for my middle school (?) ears: "I did it like this, I did it like that, I did it with a wiffle ball bat."

I forget the song title though. I last listened to it en route to Vegas in November.

Melany said...

Beastie Boys! Paul Revere?


robert said...

skye, you forgot: "and now the sheriff's after me for what i did to his daughter!"

beastie boys, "paul revere"

Deirdre said...

Nope, couldn't pull it out in the end.