Sunday, February 8, 2009

I walk through her hills cause she knows who I am

Today was a total tease as far as weather goes. We've been promised this warm up. It was going to be in the 50s! Robert tells me it was in the 60s in Chicago yesterday! And it was sunny here. So this afternoon we took the kids outside to walk to the park. We got as far as next door before we realized we didn't have Fluffy. Robert ran back to get him while the kids and I continued up the block. 4 houses further on and the wind was so biting that Zion announced he was cold, and wanted to go back for his down coat (he had on a wool sweater and a windproof, fleece lined jacket). So we went back just as Robert came out with fluffy and we all put more clothes on.

But it was STILL freezing. And yes, I know I'm a total wuss about cold. But the wind! So we just went to the track up the block and visited the flock of Canadian geese who were browsing around for bugs there. That was fun until I noticed that that there was goose shit everywhere. After that it was pretty gross, and cold. Did I mention cold? Then Liel dropped Fluffy and since the whole field was apparently nothing but one big goose toilet he fell in goose poop. Much to our surprise she immediately agreed to my suggestion that he should be washed and Robert shooed my off home with Fluffy in hand before Liel could change her mind. I was delighted. I got to be warm AND wash Fluffy, who had really been needing it for a while.

She was surprisingly patient during Fluffy's wash/dry time. Normally she spends the whole time he's in the wash asking when he will be done and moping around the door to the downstairs. Today she played with play-doh (she made footprints in the play-doh with every toy she could find) and we read poetry. Around dinner time she got a bit antsy, but not too badly. And after dinner it was wicked cute to watch her rush downstairs and come bounding up squealing, "Fluffy jumped into my arms!"


Val said...

Under the Bridge, Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Took me a minute or two on this one. I had to keep repeating the line in my head (and resist the urge to Google) until I got it.

Sorry today wasn't as warm as you hoped. The weather report here said it was 58, but I haven't left my apt since I'm kinda sickly today. :/

Melany said...

Red Hot Chili Peppers -- Under the Bridge!

Finally, something I recognize. HAHA.


BirdEtt said...

Red Hot Chili Peppers. Started wearing their shirts in 2nd grade (great sisters). Don't know song names often.

Sometimes I feel like I don't have a partner
Sometimes I feel like my only friend
Is the City I live in
The City of Angels
Lonely as I am
Together we cry

I drive on her streets cuz she's my companion
I walk through her hills cuz she knows who I am
She seen my good deeds and she kisses (something)
Something something something now that is a lie

I don't ever wanna feel like I did that day
Take me to the place I love
Take me all the way

Under the bridge downtown
Is where I drew some blood
Under the bridge downtown
I could not get enough
Under the bridge downtown
I gave my life away

(guessing drug addict stuff)

:) YAY. I know THESE lyrics! (mostly)

Liel is adorable. She sounds like the stories I've heard of Rachel as a child.

the main stitch upholstery said...

red hot chili peppers under the bridge, but for the record, it is my least favorite song of theirs.

the main stitch upholstery said...

and i am happy fluffy got a bath too. we have these problems also, although i usually sneak the animals in for baths (though the laundry.) our dog romo gets to them too.

Jo said...

Ilove that Liel!! What a heartwarmer.
I think Thursdays post might be Bob Dyan's "Serve Somebody". The others, as you would expect I am clueless!