Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A bit of lunch

I like pictures of food. I like descriptions of food too, but actually seeing the food really adds to the imaginary event, at least for my simple mind! So much easier if I don't have to imagine what something looks like (yes, I realize how incredibly lazy that sounds).

Anyway, I thought I'd indulge myself, and you, and share a picture of part of our lunch yesterday. This is the "North Indian Mini Meal" from Prakruthi.

Ok, here's what we've got, as best I know/can describe it. On the left, around 9 o'clock is roti and some kind of yummy cracker thing with whole spices in it. Then there is an okra dish that I really loved- slightly smokey. Next we have dal, channa masala (I know the local name for that one! It's a chickpea curry), tomato soup (included with virtually every thali around here), raita (but with rice in it- never seen that before), and actual rice. But clearly not plain rice, rice with stuff in it! And the cucumbers and onion in the middle. We'd already tucked into this before I thought to take a picture- it was more pristine when it was handed to me.

I don't have any other food pictures right now, so I hope you enjoyed that one! I'll take more as we go along. Yesterday we finally figured out what these doughnut-y looking things we've been seeing are called, and we're hoping to be able to order some today. They're called Vada and they're made from lentils and onions and spices, and fried. Fried is really the important bit. Deep frying their food is the way to show your family that you love them!

Years ago Robert gave me a deep fryer as a Hanukkah gift. When I told my friend Ysette about it she sighed happily and said, "Oh, so romantic!" I like the way that girl thinks. 

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