Friday, December 21, 2012

Dish Soap

I'm having kind of a sad morning, but what better way to cheer up than to write about the vagaries of Indian dish soap?

The most common brand of dish soap around here is Pril. I bought a bottle of the lemon type a couple weeks ago at Kwality Big Bazaar, because as everyone knows, lemon and dish soap go together like chocolate and peanut butter.

Oh Pril.

At first everything seemed fine. It suddsed like crazy, and my dishes appeared cleaner after using it than before soap and sponge touched them. In fact, it had too many suds for my taste, but I was willing to overlook that.

But once I started cooking (and not just using the dish soap to wash cereal bowls) I began to notice that my dishes still seemed oily, even after washing. So I used more soap, which helped. A little. A few days later, when Robert mentioned that the dish soap kind of sucked and left grease on the pots and dishes, and I knew it wasn't just me and my mediocre dish washing skills. I eyed the bottle on my windowsill with increasing dislike.

Then Zion spilled some curry on one of his shirts. Regular laundering didn't remove it, so Robert tried a trick we use at home and applied dish soap to the stain.

I shit you not: the dish soap stained the shirt. On top of the curry stain, which it utterly failed to remove. Who the hell has ever heard of dish soap that stains??? This stuff is like the anti-soap! Here is Zion's poor Jewish Farm School shirt, now with attractive yellow splotches. It's a feature, not a bug, right?

So to sum up: Zion has a shirt with curry and dish soap stains, and my actual dishes are left oily after washing. Well played, Pril, well played.


CoffeeInspired said...

Anti soap for sure. Little things are turning into big hassles. Soon am sure things will become routine, but for now still a process of discovery

Kristofer Young said...

Have you tried Pril Plus? In the new formulation they have added soap.

Anu said...

May be you should try Vim? It comes as a bar and also the liquid. We use it and it is quite effective, but haven't used Pril to compare though!