Monday, December 17, 2012

In thier words

Before we left New York our across the street neighbor gave the kids a lovely blank journal, so they could write about their experiences in India. Since they were sick for a week they haven't written much, but here's what the have so far.

But first let's start with a super cute picture of our young authors in their new Indian clothes, shall we (yes, she's still working on smiling on command, why do you ask)?

Zion first.

"December 5, 2012.
I am in India at the Institute of Science in Bangalore. There might be gecos living in our house. Daddy has loked us in twice now. Our internet does not work. I am so exitited to be in India. I have been enjoying the parota we have been having.

December 6, 2012
Today I saw giant centiped outside campuss. Yesterday I saw four cows on the street. A back and white cow was standing in the street mooing. I had North Indian food for dinner last night. When we got home last night we saw bats.

December 17, 2012
Yesterday I got a new Indian shirt. Soon I will g see Daddy for lunch. I saw my fith cow yesterday. Last night we saw lots of bats. On the last night of Chanukah we had pizza and I enjoyed it."


"December 5 2012
I am in India and having fun. My problem is that we have no oven. The flight here took hours. I think we have gecos in the house. We don't have very much food.

December 6 2012
When we were coming home to campus I saw a gient centapeed. Yesterday I saw a black and wight cow holding the traffic. Last night I saw a bat flying around a tree. I wish that daddy never locked us in to the house. When we went shopping we couldn't find the right store so we had to go to a new store. We found the right store on the way back.

December 17 2012
Yesterday I got an Indian outfit. My Indian outfit is yellow with flowers. I had a relly fun Chanukah a few days ago! I saw a black cow. It was just standing. I got bagals (bangles) for Chanukah. For Chanukah I also got a unocorn figure I relly wanted. The unocorns nam is Stellina and she has stars on her."

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Kristofer Young said...

Loved it! Thank you Zion and Liel and Mommy!!!
I feel happy when I think about you being happy in India!