Saturday, December 8, 2012

Our Apartment

OK kids, I have some iphone pics of our thrilling Bangalore apartment!

Our front door, posing here with a pile of shoes. The rags in the corner are to shove in the gap under the door at night, so as to (hopefully) lessen the number of mosquitoes that get in.

Our dining room table, kitchen in the background (front door is at my back as I take this picture)

Our kitchen. It now has a single burner cook top as well, and may someday have pots and dishes and an electric kettle.

Living room

TV with children. Note that although when we moved in the apartment had no working internet, no fridge, no cooktop, and no dishes (not even a single, solitary cup) it DID have a functional flat screen TV.  Two guesses which I'd rather have had!

Desk in kid's room.

Bed in kid's room. Yes, bed. And kids. They don't both fit on it, so currently we put couch cushions on the floor each night and Zion sleeps on those. We're hoping to get him a mattress soon though, maybe even tomorrow!

Bed in our room.


More bathroom- note the little hot water heater. Both showers have the same model. Oddly, the shower in our bathroom runs out of hot water within 2 minutes, while the one in the kids' bathroom has hot water for nearly 10 minutes. Now we all shower in the kids' bathroom!

And finally, the view from my back windows.

As you can see, the apartment is basically serviceable, but pretty bare bones. Now that I have scotch tape I'm planning to hang as much of the kids' art as possible on the walls, so that they'll be a little less stark. Interior decorating at its finest!


Kristofer Young said...

Word has it that gorgeous fabric can be found in India and can be used to add depth to living spaces.

laura kozaitis said...

It's so new and clean! How awesome!