Saturday, December 29, 2012

In thier words 2

Here are some new journal entries from the kids :)


December 24, 2012

I feel sad that so many people in India are so poor. Yesterday I saw a monky chewing a water bottle. A few days ago we got cookies. My favorite cookie so far are butter ones. Are cookies are flavored like: butter, ginger, fruit and nut, pastashyo, and cashew. Daddy said he would give me art lessons.

December 28, 2012

Today we saw balls rolling along little toobs at a technological museum. Ther we also saw cool dinosor exsibit. We also saw lots of cool things with buttons, and a very pretty printing press. We also went to a government state archeological museum were I saw lots of very old things. The technological museum was a lot of fun. We also went to a art gallery.


(December 24, 2012)

We tried to get parota for breakfast but they were closed. My favrot parota is onion. We saw a baby monkey steel a water bottle on the road to the mane part of campus. We had lunch at Prakruthi. My favorit dish was the paneer butter masala. I also enjoyed the samosa and naan. I am enjoying the spicy food here in India. In India to own a restaurant you need to know how to cook spicy food. Until today I was frustrated because I thought I had no chois about what I learnd but today we had a conversation and I learnd that I did have a chois. I no that if I want a job and money I need to learn. I saw this at lunch when the woman wipping the tables looked unhappy.

December 28, 2012

Today we went and saw Bangalore art museums. At science and technology museum I liked the dinosaur which clear realy had mechanical parts because its head and tail moved. My favorite museum was the state archeological museum. I liked the statues of gods. I liked the old fashiond weapons. I liked the paintings. I also liked the old potery. I was glad I did't have to walk and that I had a cab to ride in. I was glad trafic was good.

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Kristofer Young said...

I find these so valuable! Thank you, Jove, for providing this inside look at how the kids see, feel and think! Love the true-to-life spelling.