Thursday, December 13, 2012

Movin' on up

We're still sick, but things are looking up!

First of all, Liel spent about 30 minutes playing, by herself, with the Angry Birds game we got them for Hanukkah. And she let me brush and braid her hair. She still obviously doesn't feel well, but she's improving! In fact she's right next to me now, singing a Fluffy song, which goes, in part, "Oh Fluffy is such a cutie bat, and she loves her mommy more than anything else..."

Zion is....less improved. But he's better than he was yesterday. He's playing some of the new Hanukkah iPhone games on Liel's phone since his is still refusing to play the new games.

Also, we now have working ethernet in our apartment! It's such a relief to have a secure internet connection. IT guys have been here at least 4 times in the past 10 days, and finally yesterday one of the head IT guys got involved and this morning someone new came over. He spent about 40 minutes working in our apartment and outside of it, and now the ethernet works! He was really nice too. I mean, they've all been nice, but he was my favorite. Of course the fact that he fixed what was broken might bias me somewhat! But when I thanked him he smiled and said, "It is my duty, madame", which was charming.

The manager of our apartment building came in after a while too, mostly to observe the IT guy as far as I could tell. He chatted with me some too, asking if the kids had had breakfast, and what they'd had, and if we were from France. Not sure why he thought we might be from France! He also spotted our bag of Hanukkah gelt on top of the fridge and his eyes got wide and he asked if it was gold. I said no, chocolate, and his eyes got even wider! Apparently chocolate disguised as gold coins was something entirely new to him. I gave him some and he looked skeptical and said, "Chocolate??". I assured him it was and he finally peeled one open and ate it. He was quite delighted, and told the IT guy about it. I gave some to the IT guy as well, and he asked if it would keep in his pocket. I told him it might melt! It was a delightful interchange.

Also: cooking success! After my miserable experience using the induction cooker a few nights back, I was feeling pretty down on cooking. But even though I've only used it once, I think I'm in love with my rice cooker (side note: it is a Bajaj brand rice cooker. I don't know if this is a good brand or not, but there is a realtor in Nyack named Raj Bajaj, so Robert and I were pleased to have a rice cooker with a familiar name on it!). Anyway, I chopped some garlic and put it in the rice cooker along with oil. When the garlic smelled garlicky I added chopped zucchini, cauliflower, and cilantro. I let those cook a couple minutes, then added red lentils and water. After 20 minutes I came back and added salt, and after 30 minutes of cook time it was done. And pretty delicious, I might add! I forced some into both kids, too. Normally they wouldn't need forcing, but they don't really have their appetites back.

Tomorrow our maid will come for the first time, and I will hopefully get an Indian sized passport photo for my SIM card application. Big stuff ahead!


K8 said...

So glad to hear you are making progress! I'll keep my fingers crossed that you all feel better soon and get settled!

Kristofer Young said...

You're sure it is not a lentil cooker, madame?