Sunday, December 16, 2012

Our Neighborhood, 1

I'm guessing I'll have more than one of these posts, hence the 1 attached to this one :) Here are some pictures taken around our neighborhood in Bangalore, along New BEL, road over the past few days. For the full effect you should know that the weather has been incredible- low 80s, sunny, dry, slight breeze.

This is the carpentry shop that is directly across the street from our gate at the IISc.

 If you head left (which we always do- all the shops, restaurants etc are that direction), here's what you see.

A local menswear store- gotta love the name!

Me and Liel. I guess that sign indicates there is a pedestrian crossing in the area, but for the most part the locals seem to ignore such suggestions, and so do we. As our friend Sapta says, we need to embrace the chaos!

Local cow, chilling. The kids were so excited to get a PICTURE of a cow that I took this, even though I felt like a complete tool for doing so.

And finally, this really cool gateway over one of the road by our apartment. I'll try to get a better one, but the center has various g-ds in it, including Krishna.

So there you go, a few glimpses of what we see outside our door every day :)

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Pusstat said...

I love the picture of the cow along with traffic, cars, person on motorcycle, etc.
This is great.