Sunday, December 23, 2012

Cocktail report

Before we arrived, I'd been told that alcohol in India is pretty spendy. Since we're living on a Fulbright stipend, I figured we wouldn't be indulging in cocktail hour with the frequency to which we are accustomed in New York! And in fact, for 3 weeks there has been no cocktail hour whatsoever in my life.

But on Friday Robert brought home a bottle of Kingfisher beer (for him) and a bottle of gin (for me). The Kingfisher was quite inexpensive (Rs 85 for a liter), but the Bombay Sapphire was Rs 2000. I think it's the imported booze that'll really set you back!

I haven't much been in the mood for cocktails, but Robert polished off the Kingfisher on Friday night, and reported that it wasn't very good (but it was a hefty beer, at 8% alcohol). But, as I type, Robert is mixing me up a drink that, if it proves to be any good, I shall dub a "Gin Bangalore". Apparently the liquor store only sold tonic by the case, so Robert, being a quick thinking guy, bought a bottle of a local lime soda called Limca to use as a mixer.

Hmm. Robert just brought the drink over, and while he feels its pretty good, I'm thinking that this is not the Gin Bangalore. I'll have to keep experimenting before I find that. Or drinking more of what I've currently got, as the second and third drinks of it have been considerable improvements over the first. Either way.

Anyway, we returned to our local liquor store today, and Robert bought five or six more Indian beers. So far he's tried the UB Export Beer (that stands for "Up Beat", yo, and is for sale in Karnataka only, despite the "export" in the name), in both the strong (8%) and regular (5%) iterations, and reports that while the strong one is passable, the regular is "not very good".

First cocktail report from the Indian field, over and out.

PS Apropos of nothing (especially since Hanukkah is long since over)- have you heard the latest Matisyahu offering? Zion and Liel are super digging it, and Robert and I are right there with them!

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Kristofer Young said...

On the rocks could be a Gingalore?