Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Genetical engineering

I'm cooking some pinto beans to have in burritos for dinner tonight. Every time I lift the lid of the pot to check on them, the most delicious scent wafts out! It's like lovely fresh pinto beans, and G-d help me, bacon.

As Bill and Ted so immortally put it: Whoa.


the main stitch upholstery said...

thats the first bit of sense i have read lately. yum yum yum yum yum. i always use bacon in my beans and use the bacon fat to make cornbread. i love bacon, and bacon fat and beans.

Stacie said...

sounds delicious...
I have something for you on my blog...hope you LOVE it.

Kami said...

Mmmm, bacon.

I love me some bacon. But maybe you mean that the beans just smell like bacon. Bacon without the bacon.... interesting.

Congrats on the award!

I love Bill and Ted, that made me giggle :-)