Sunday, January 6, 2008

Quick is as quick does

I finished Rogue a few days ago. I hate seaming shoulders. *shudder* they came out OK, and after I ran the sweater through the wash (Peace Fleece is magical and doesn't felt on a gentle, cold wash!) they looked a bit better. So today I decided to stop by the local fabric store and buy a zipper for it.

We were on our way to dinner and passing the fabric store. So Robert parked the car and he and the kids waited while I ran across the street to get the zipper. It was a pretty quick process, although I was disappointed that the only suitable zipper they had was black. But the owner assured me I could return it and it was so much easier and quicker than ordering one off the internet that I bought it and rushed back to the car. I'd been gone about 3 minutes.

As we drove off Robert said in an undertone, "While you were in there Zion said: Come on, Mommy! Buy the fucking zipper!"

"He did? I thought I was pretty fast!"

"Yep. He said it twice."


Cookie's Mommy said...

it's SO much funnier when someone else's kid says it....lmfao!

the main stitch upholstery said...

oh my god. you are going to have such a fun time with teachers in school. oh-well, at least he is using the words in the right manner. good job zion!

Tamara said...

LMAO! Way to go, Zion!

Andrea said...


Stacie said...


NICE, glad to know my three yr old isn't the only one cussing lately!

Last night while trying to unbuckle his seatbelt I hear, "DAMMIT...I can't get this

robert said...

it's okay if the kids cuss...

as long as their grammar is correct.