Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Weekend update

We had a busy weekend! First off I went down to Long Island to visit Kacie who's out here getting her first guide dog, Honey. We had a lovely Thai lunch (well, not Honey, she had to stay home!), and knitted and chatted, and time just flew! Here's a pic of Kacie and Honey, and one of me and Kacie.

Man, do I look goofy in that picture or what?? And Kacie has mad photogenic skillz- I took 3 pictures of her and she looked perfect in every one. In my family 3 pictures taken will yield one usable picture most days!

Anyway, after I left Kacie I raced as fast as I dared to the city to pick up Vogelman! and Andria. I was running late and feeling kinda stressed since I was worried they'd be freezing in the cold at the 242nd street station waiting for me! Robert called as I was getting pretty close, and asked where I was.

"In the Bronx", I said. "Where are Vogelman! and Andria?"

"They're 4 stops away", Robert said.

"Oh good! I was worried I was going to be late, but I think it'll be perfect timing. I just passed 179th".

"They're going to get there before you", Robert said decidedly.

"I don't think so", I said. "I think it's going to be really good timing. But I'll call you when I have them and we're on our way".

So, I get to 242nd and I see a train pulling in. Scan the sidewalk- no Andria, no Vogelman! I am smug, sure that I've timed it with incredibly precision. Never mind that it was an accident- I pulled in at the same time as their train! I immediately called Robert to gloat. And sure enough, they came down the stairs a couple minutes later.

We had a super fabulous time with the Bigels, as always. Zion actually cried last night at bedtime because he was so sad that they were leaving. Robert and I were pretty bummed, too. You do get used to living without your dear, old friends around, but seeing them always brings back how much you miss them.

How much fun did we have? Here's Vogelman! washing our dishes!

Andria and Liel doing puzzles!

And Zion and Vogelman! playing with dragons, robots, and a super cool block castle!

Clearly, a good time was had by all. (And there was wine and gaming when the kids went to bed, too!)


the main stitch upholstery said...

fun fun fun. why does vogelman! have an exclamation point after it everytime? there must be a story behind the name.

Stacie said...

got somethin for ya!

Stacie said...

Looks like you had a great time..woohoo on your timing, you rule.

Hilarious is that Vogelman! has on a Vogel t-shirt...*giggle* Was that planned?

Andrea said...

He-he on Vogelman! and his tshirt! Looks like you had fun with friends this weekend.

Kacie looks great!! As you do too!

I am jealous!

robert said...

vogelman! has an exclamation point because that is the correct way to spell it. i should know, because i am the one who overcame anamnesis and reached my intellect into the world of forms where i witnessed the form of vogelman! and truly knew its essence.

Wendy said...

First off I love the Vogelman! has a Vogel University t-shirt. Im glad you had a fun weekend, and that everyone was on the mend to really enjoy it.

Robert--nice explaination

Abby said...

Oh we miss Jason and Andria too! We saw them at Thanksgiving and Russell LOVED Jason, he was only content when Jason was giving him his undivded attention. Our kids love the Bigels too! :)