Saturday, January 5, 2008

Parental influence

Last night I made potato salad with potatoes from our winter CSA. They were so pretty all cut up that I just had to take a couple of pictures to share with you, my dedicated readers.

I am turning, inescapably it would seem, into my father.


Kami said...

Mmm. those look yummy!

We do live somewhere beautiful but cold. VERY cold.


Need I say more?


familymclean said...

Ha, ha, You are funny. My house usually looks like my kitchen too, I just couldn't bear to show it all at once;)
Those potatos look amazing and the hat you knit for your daughter, awesome!

the main stitch upholstery said...

your dad is a great guy. if you turn into him, you are doing alright.

Stacie said...

lol...those ARE beautiful potatoes!!!

Kristofer Young, DC said...

Too sweet! thank you Sweetheart!

Thanks to you too, Rebecca! i love you too!

The potatoes are beautiful.