Friday, January 18, 2008

Tower of Security

So, I've got a version of whatever the kids have got. Yep, kids...Liel turned up sick on Tuesday night, and has been more or less constantly in physical contact with me during her waking hours ever since. Poor girl just feels yucky :( And thank goodness for mei tais- I actually cooked dinner with Liel on my back in one this week, something I haven't done since she was a baby. Nowadays she tends to think of mei tais as outdoor accessories only!

Anyway, that's where I've been lately. Thankfully we are all on the mend (though sadly not entirely well yet), since we have a packed weekend ahead of us! Andria and Vogelman! arrive tomorrow, and I get to see Kacie on Sunday!

But about the Tower of Security. Back in grad school Mr. Faux told us a story about a girl he dated who, for reasons I can't recall, disapproved of his toilet paper choice. In order to please the girl, he switched to whatever she thought was best, though he never liked it. When they broke up he went to Costco and bought a enormous amount of his preferred toilet paper, in bulk. This, he explained to us, was his "Tower of Security"- an enormous amount of the best kind of toilet paper.

Last night our meat order from Alan arrived. We unpacked the 53 lbs of meat and tucked it into our freezer. It looks so pleasing there, nestled in it's white butcher paper! This, I decided is our Tower of Security- a freezer full of formerly free ranging meat. We all crave security right? I like the kind I can eat.


the main stitch upholstery said...

mine rests in the knowledge that i can go to safeway and get fresh baked bread any time i want to. although, this morning it is all about cheese rolls from food city.

Andrea said...

Make sure you takes lots of pics with KC!! I'm jealous! You've met with so many!

Andrea said...

Wait, wasn't it not so long ago you bought a whole side of beef?? Did ya'll use it up already?!

robert said...

safeway? fresh bread? what the hell are you talking about becca? i love you dearly--even with the chick drinks in supergulp cups--but fresh bread from safeway?

we bake that action, yo. in fact, we did today. i do the dough and jovi looks after the risings and the baking.

it's good. and way more secure than safeway because it tastes good.

Rachel Main said...

Here Here! I concur that Safeway Bread is not so good, but you got to hand it to the lady: she's a bit busy to bake bread...although, if she had a bread maker and some mix...She'd rock it!
Anyhoo, interestingly, I just received my first order of 50 pounds of beef, pork, and lamb from Alan about 3 days ago! I figured it had been long enough mooching off your parents when we go over there for dinner (which hasn't happened often enough lately).
PAIDOM ROCKS. And it is a tower of security. I LOVE opening the freezer to all kinds of kick ass meat.