Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Movin' on up

A few nights ago Liel had a nightmare. Pretty rare for her, and she was pretty badly shaken. She refused to get back in her crib, a first (she usually loves her crib and asks to be in it). So I brought her up to our bed to sleep, and Robert and I decided to set up her big girl bed the next day.

Only setting up the big girl bed wasn't as easy as it may sound. Oh no. You see, we planned to have the kids share a room when Liel stopped sleeping in her crib (really it was once she started sleeping through the night, which finally happened this summer. Then we figured eh, might as well wait til she's ready for a bed, why disassemble/move/reassemble the PITA crib?). So, first we needed to move the car table out of Zion's room. We'd wanted to do that anyway, cause we were pretty sure it would get more play if it were in the living room. But in order to make room for the car table in the living room we had to move the futon. So: futon downstairs (good, now we will have a guest room with some privacy! Once we reassemble the futon, that is). Car table into living room. Move dresser and toy chest in Zion's room. Haul big girl bed up out of the basement. Set it up. Realize that IKEA bed slats are just slightly too narrow for the frame, as is a standard box spring. Call my parents. Oh, says dad, there are slats to that bed. Great, says I, we don't have them! Well, says dad, you'll just need to go to a lumbar yard. But it's nap time. Luckily Liel consented to nap in her crib, and Robert was dispatched to buy wood.

Finally it was all done. We've left Liel's crib up for the time being, in case she decides she wants to use it again (and also because we're lazy like that), but she was sooo excited about her big girl bed and couldn't wait to sleep in it. So far it's been a breeze...she slept well last night and at nap time, and the kids didn't bother each other in the same room! Oh how I hope it stays like this...even mostly!

So, here is Zion's bed:

And Liel's bed:

And both of them togther:

Cute, no? I love their "new" room, and they seem to also!


Stacie said...

very cute! I hope they continue to do well in the same room!

Deirdre said...

Cute, cute, cute! I can't even imagine trying to get my girls to share a room with their brother, LOL!

familymclean said...

Ooo that is cute!

the main stitch upholstery said...

i love it. owen and jule share and it is much the same, half one way, and half the other. they are funny about things being on their own sides, and they do not like to sleep there without eachother.

Abby said...

oh how cute!! R & A share room too. They love it, but some nights can be hard. Most nights are great tho. They don't like to go to sleep without each other...oh and the conversations that occur shortly after lights out are hilarious, maybe that will be a future post!!

Wendy said...

Jovi--too cute, but you failed to give a livingroom/downstairs update pic...maybe tomorrows post??????