Monday, January 28, 2008

Power and other outages

At 6am this morning out power went out. It came back after a few minutes, and went out again around 7am. Came back on about 830am, and was thankfully on most of the day. But around 4pm? Out again. Upon hearing that it was probably going to be out until 730pm we decided to go do a little shopping at IKEA to get out of the dark house. Just as we were bundling up the power came back, so we scrapped that plan (the drive there is pretty awful on weekdays around rush hour and it was 5pm) and headed to the local Chinese joint, The Golden Mushroom, instead. We go there about twice a year, because apparently that's how long it takes us to warm up to its mediocre food again. Halfway through dinner the lights went out. We finished up by fire hazard candlelight and came home to power, so it was all good in the end. Let's just hope we keep power tonight! I have plans, yo.

In other news, pre-contest props go to Rachel, who expressed her enthusiasm with 80s song lyrics. Get down with your bad self, Rach!

To conclude this disjointed post I'd like to urge all of you on Facebook to adopt (fluff)friends. I've become irrationally addicted to this application (which features super cute cartoon pets you can adopt, feed, and race), and now crave tshirts and mugs with my sweet little piggy, Punch'npie on them. I am a marketing teams dream consumer, no doubt. And Punch'npie wants more friends! I bow to his whims. If you are my friend on Facebook and dont' have a (fluff) friend, I've surely already sent you a (fluff)friends invitation. Hoinch!

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