Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Must be the holiday spirit hitting me at last ;) BUT! This morning Ysette sent me a link to this store, selling all kinds of silly/naughty/cool religious tschlock. I am sooo lusting after the Seven Deadly Sins Wristbands! (Lusting, get it? Oh man, I slay me....) What an awesome way to tell the world which particularly sinful mood I'm experiencing that day!

Santa, I know I'm a Jew and I don't believe in you and all, but if you find room in your imaginary sack of treats for the seven deadly sins wristbands for me, that'd be pretty cool.

Worth a shot, right? And hey, they're cheaper than diamonds!


Andrea said...

he-he.. I feel evil.

robert said...
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robert said...

slaying is one of the 7 sins too. i sure have one sinful wif. lucky me!