Friday, December 14, 2007

Target sighted

Mr. Faux called today. I thought it was odd, since we'd just spoken on Saturday, and sure enough he called with news...he and Kaori are engaged! We're quite pleased- Kaori is smart, funny, and not intimidated by Mr. Faux. Plus she's lots of fun and immediately joined in our Oscar betting and trash talking the very first night we met her. She even called him Mr. Faux, after we explained the amusing genesis of that name (in short: he made his students call him that when he was a TA because he felt that his age deserved that kind of respect. And he may be right! But his logic was this: when he was in high school, they didn't even have ATMs. These upstart college kids couldn't possibly understand life at that time, nor had they in any way earned the right to use his first name, since he had, more or less, been alive since the time of the dinosaurs as far as he and they were both concerned).

I had another amusing story to tell about Mr. Faux's call, but I'm afraid I've forgotten it. Forgetting doesn't make for very good blog posts. Or stories.

In other news, 1/2 my final exams are graded!

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