Wednesday, December 12, 2007

For Sure

...I think.

My Peace Fleece came today!!!! I just love those guys. Ordered Friday night, in my hot little hands Wednesday morning. And in a recycled shipping box, no less. Rock on, Peace Fleece!

Anyway, I thought I knew what I was going to knit with what I bought this time around, but I don't. Or didn't. Yeah. Cause I just spent all of nap time staring at patterns and thinking and thinking and now I may have arrived at a decision. I think I'm going to knit Rogue, but as a cardigan. You can see an example of this (in Peace Fleece, too!) here. Only I hope I don't need 7 skeins, cause I bought 6! 6 skeins of a lovely limey green.

Now I just need to ball my yarn, and wouldn't you know it, my yarn baller is at work, giving exams and attending meetings. Humph.


Stacie said...

oh that is going to be beautiful!!!!

Mama Zen said...

That is cute!

Andrea said...

ha-ha. what is the baller of yarn thinking?? That is a beautiful sweater!

Brooke said...

I just love your knitting posts...I'm just a novice knitter, the most complicated thing I've done is's so cool to see you wearing something that you made! Excellent!