Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Food freaks

Everyone has weird food habits, right? I mean, my friend Becka eats all her bread and salad dry- no butter, mustard, dressing, nothing. That's pretty weird.

One of my own food weirdnesses is mayonnaise. I know plenty of people who hate it, but I adore it (and Veganaise, which I feel is just as tasty). Everyone in my family natal family loves it, too, and we grew up eating on all manner of vegetable and meat. Broccoli? Dipped in mayo. Crab? Dipped in mayo. Artichokes? In mayo. Sliced tomatoes? With mayonnaise, of course! Any kind of meat is fair game as far as I'm concerned and I've never had a bad combination. My brother and I drew the line at peanut butter and mayonnaise sandwiches when we were kids, but they used to be a favorite of our dad's. My mom used to make a carrot salad that was essentially grated carrots with raisins and mayonnaise. When my mom was growing up my grandmother would serve her half an avocado with the pit removed and hole filled in with mayonnaise.

In grad school I had a friend who enjoyed snacking on bananas with mayonnaise and peanuts. Yesterday I glanced into the kitchen at my brother's house and saw our friend Jay eating a pickle with...mayonnaise. I was intrigued. I love pickles and of course I love mayo. He assured me that it was delicious both plain and as a sandwich. I haven't tried it yet, but I shall, and soon.

Tonight I'm in a mayonnaise kinda mood. But what shall I use as my vehicle? Both oven fries and potato salad are up for consideration, and in the end it probably doesn't even matter. As long as it's cloaked in smoothcreamyfattysalty mayonnaise goodness I'll probably be happy.


the main stitch upholstery said...

i could not possibly be more grossed out by the entire story. yucky! i do not care for pickles either unless it is relish mixed with potato salad (made with mustard and miracle whip only and with lots of onion, and only in certain moods). you do have very strange eating habits, and i am sure that your parents did not teach you to eat lots of potatoes. not white ones anyway.

Rachel Main said...

And the sister weighs in: Becka is a weirdo when it comes to food. We all know this as FACT.
Mayonnaise rocks. There was a 4 year period when I hated mayo and loved miracle whip. How gross. That, along with the rest of puberty, passed years ago.
The avocado with mayonnaise snack does sound a bit too creamy/fatty. I like the contrast. I bet that pickle-mayo snack is a real treat!

Stacie said...

really? wow, I am not a big mayo fan...those combinations have me crinkling my nose. ;)

Andrea said...

I like mayo, but lots and lots of it with like a sandwich and potato or macaroni salad. That's about all.. Actually the pickle/mayo combo is actually turning my stomach, just a bit. Love ya and your weird habits xoxo

robert said...

if you're looking to experiment, try corn dog and mayo. sounds grotesque to me but i'm sure you'll like it.