Sunday, December 2, 2007

Snowy Day

Today we were planning to go to Upper Manhattan and meet Ysette, Brian, Abby, and Kevin at Dinosaur BBQ. Abs and Kevin are in just for the weekend for a wedding, and since they insist on living in California we don't get to see them much.

Anyway, when I woke up this morning it was snowing! Not a lot of snow- just an inch, inch and a half. But my poor, Californian brain instantly went, "Oh crap. How are we going to see everyone? We can't drive in the snow!" Luckily Robert, despite being a Texan, is a very good winter driver (he learned to drive in Chicagoland, you see), so it all worked out. Of course, Brian wanted Ysette to call and see if we'd be able to make it in the snow. Nice that I'm not the only one with no confidence in my ability to get around in inclimate weather! ;)

We had a lovely lunch (sorry, no pics, we left the camera in the car!), and Abby even wore her riding boots, going strong at 17 years old. Dinosaur BBQ isn't the best BBQ ever or anything like that, but it's perfectly decent, especially for NYC. The braggart in me also wants to point out that we put Brian and Ysette's meat eating skills to shame today (whether or not this is actually something of which to be proud remains to be seen, I suppose). The kids were great, too, even though it was nap time when we were there. Robert and Kevin got to geek out with the Scrabble talk in person (they play daily on Facebook), Ysette and I got to admire Abby's engagement ring (square cut natural yellow diamond bezel set in yellow gold- very unique and beautiful) and a good time was had by all.

It wasn't snowing anymore by the time we were driving home, but of course the roads were still wet and slushy and salty and our windshield was quickly coated in grime. As it steadily worsened over several minutes and Robert made no movement towards the windshield wipers I finally asked if he was going to clean it off? "Nah", he replied, shrugging. "I can see."

"You have windshield wipers, you know", I helpfully pointed out.

"Fine", he sighed, and turned them on. They smeared salt and grimy water all over the windshield. Unperturbed, Robert drove on.

"You know", I began, when it became apparent that he wasn't going to do anything else, "there's wiper fluid, too."

"Eh. It's just water on there...I wiped it off."

"Water and salt. The wiper fluid would help".

"It's fine", he assured me.

"You can do it with the little button right there", I said, gesturing. "It's not like I'm suggesting you stop the car and get out or something!"

Robert sighed. "Alright", he said. And he used the wipers and the fluid and behold! A normal person could see out of our windshield again.

Just as I was typing this Robert said, "What are you doing?"


"Oh. About lunch?"

"Yes. And the windshield."

"I see. Did you notice that I did it several more times after that, all by myself? I'm such a good husband", he said.

"I noticed", I assured him. And I had.


Cookie's Mommy said...

lmao, Todd is the same way! If it rains, he will wait till he cannot see a THING to turn the wipers on! He thinks it rains harder once you turn them

the main stitch upholstery said...

i am terrible about the wiper thing too. not that we ever need them here.......... it is going to be in the low 70's this afternoon. oh-and what does imao mean? i am not up on the short hand computer talk.

Staciesmadness said...

ha ha.

I can't stand a dirty windshield either.

robert said...

that was fucking hilarious.