Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Remember how I mentioned, in my 7 weird things about me, how much I love socks? Yeah. So when my mom said she wanted to get me just a few more little Hanukkah gifts, I immediately told her how much I'd like some more socks. The cold weather seems to bring out the sock hoarder in me- what can I say? Mom agreed, and off I went to Sock Dreams with her money burning a hole in my pocket.
The girls on bpal.org had, as usual, given some very useful comments and reviews. This time I paid particular attention to the love that Sock It To Me socks were getting and I came away with:
-Diamond ribbed knee highs in navy,
-Sock it to me 2 color stripes in green and white,
-Sock it to me argyle knee highs in khaki/olive/brown
-M Squareds in bubblegum (these were not knee highs, more like mid calf, so I'm kinda bummed about that)
And, since even a sock lover sometimes needs to shake things up a bit, I also got:
-arm warmers in olive marl, and
-leg warmers! in charcoal.

Now who's smokin' hot?? Only thing is, I need more short(er) skirts now, to show off my awesome leg wear. I'm thinking about knitting some skirts, so stay tuned...


Stacie said...

THOSE LOOK FUN, you are, my dear, you are smokin hot!

Andrea said...

Fun stuff!! To bad I don't like socks... But you will look HOT!