Friday, December 7, 2007

Rabbit Food

Liel has always been a big meat eater, as I'm sure I've mentioned. Her daddy delights in imagining her 16 year old self impressing boys on dates by consuming a plate of sausage.

Today she and I were playing when Robert walked in eating a turkey sandwich. Always quick to notice food, especially if it involves meat, Liel hopped up and hurried over to him. "May I have some of dat, Dada?", she asked, coyly batting her eyelashes.

"Sure hon", Robert replied, holding out the sandwich to her.

Liel peered at the sandwich critically, noticed the spinach in it and crinkled her nose in disgust. "No Dada", she said, pushing it away. "Don't want leaves!"


Staciesmadness said...

HAHA. She is great. :D

the main stitch upholstery said...

she is clearly not raised by your parents at all or she would not only eat the spinich but love it, or at least, pretend to. i have vivid memories of having to eat kale at your house. ichy. i think i could do it now though as i have learned to love veggies.

robert said...

she eats salad ravenously, though. just doesn't want leaves on anything else.

me said...

I love her announcement!
I didn't realize that Kris and I have been into this sort of thing for as long as we have, judging by Rebecca'a comment!