Saturday, December 22, 2007

If wishes were horses

Then I'd have a big ass herd of horses. And I could sell most of them and use the cash for the upkeep of the horses I kept. I'd want one for me and one for each kid. I don't think Robert would be into having a horse, but we could pick one for him, sell it, and let him buy a really fancy robot.

Here are some of my off the cuff wishes this morning:
-I wish I were a Japanese pop star. I like cute things, and being an American pop star would come with entirely too much loss of personal space.
-I wish I had enough land to grow all the food I want to grow, and house the animals I'd like to have (see above re: horses. And also chickens. And turkeys).
-I wish, that out of our combined 3 sets of parents and 4 sets of siblings more than one set lived within 100 miles of us.
-I wish someone would come and clean my house. Really clean it.
-I wish I could get a decent burrito within my county. Srsly. Is that too much to ask, New York??


Stacie said... your wishes.

the main stitch upholstery said...

i will come and clean your house once a week in exchange for sweaters (at least 3 a year). i will also bring you decent and wonderful burritos when i come to clean and also will arrange for the land you want. now, build a time machine or instant zapping me over there thingy and this can all be yours..........