Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Second time is even better

I think it's time I cleared up some of the confusion around my knitted thong.

1. it's not made of wool, people.
2. it's not itchy
3. it's machine washable! like real people knickers!
4. it's comfortable
5. it's dead sexy

Today I told Pete about it, and asked him if he'd like me to knit one for his girl. Finally, someone else's enthusiasm about the knitted thong matched mine! He said, yes, please, so I started knitting right then, and finished tonight while we watched The Bourne Ultimatum. For the curious, this one is made of a cotton blend, and I think it's even nicer than the first one.

See where a little enthusiasm about my knitting projects can get you? (Back in the day Pete was also the lucky recipient of a duct tape wallet I made. But it wasn't plain duct tape, oh no! It had a lovely print of the New Kids on the Block "Hangin' Tough" album cover. Good times.)


Stacie said...

lmao...and when I say "lmao" I really am thinking, I wish I could lmao so they would fit in that thong.

Love the colors! Hope it gets Pete's approval!

Mama Zen said...

Now that's something I haven't seen before!

the main stitch upholstery said...

you are so crazy. it is wonderful to have friends with strange passions.

Andrea said...

mmm, yeah, beautiful, but still looks itchy. He-he..